Having grown up in Hawaii, I learned from an early age the importance of a healthy lifestyle and developed a deep connection to nature. It was ingrained in me.  As I matured I began to consciously recognize the importance of this approach to life if I wanted to maintain health as I aged. I also started to develop a keen interest in helping others do the same. 

This led me to studying naturopathic medicine in Portland, OR, ultimately receiving my doctorate in 2000, and launching my career as a licensed physician, inspired to use natural methods in order to help my patients regain or maintain optimal health. Soon after, I took a keen interest in cardiovascular health and disease and have focused on that area even since. 

My interest in learning more about cardiovascular health led me to obtain training for certification in cardio metabolic medicine under Mark Houston, MD and Joel Kahn, MD. I followed that up with training in dietary therapy for cardiovascular health with Caldwell Esselstyn, MD. Most recently I have pursued training in advanced risk assessment for cardiovascular disease via certification in the BaleDoneen Method.

More than anything else, I consider myself a 'cardiovascular health facilitator'. I am not a healer, your body is the healer. I am also no longer a primary care doctor working in a clinic like I have for so many years. In fact, labeling myself as such restricts what I am allowed to do and say to my clients, regardless of the veracity of my words. 

Nonetheless, I am here to help, and now I do so via CardioWellness Consults.

Through various tools still at my disposal, and via the power of the internet, I am still able to do my best to help facilitate the full degree of cardiovascular health you are capable of.

My over all goal is simple - I want to help inspire you to recognize and ignite the utmost health and healing capacity you have simmering just beneath your surface. In doing so, I know I will be helping to put control of your health back into your hands.